Best Places To Fly Drones In Singapore [TOP 10]

Howdy reader? I know it’s not easy to find wonderful and restriction-free places to fly your drone. So today I’m here to discuss some of the best places to fly drones in Singapore. You may ask why because why not?

Therefore, here are the top 10 places for you:

  • Republic Avenue Field
  • Marina Mall Road Field
  • Old Holland Road Field
  • Kallang Road Field
  • Marina East Drive Field
  • Marina Gardens Drive Field
  • Tanjung Rhu View Field
  • Marina Barrage Field
  • East Coast Park
  • And, Tuas

Phew! These aren’t the only places where you can fly drones freely as well as without worrying about the penalty. So without wasting any time, Let’s discuss each one of the places.

Best Places To Fly Drones In Singapore [Summary]

1. Republic Avenue Field

This is one of my favorite spots to fly the drone in Singapore because it’s spread in 2.38 ha or 23800 m2 of land. So it gives drone pilots a lot of space to improve their flying skills. As they need not worry about crashing their drone in the crowd or buildings. There’s a slight chance of crashing your drone if you fly near the traffic and MRT buildings.

ACCESSIBILITY: Also, It’s easy to reach this field as compared to other fields because it’s located near the Nicoll Highway. You can reach this place by both buses and MRT.

2. Marina Mall Road Field

Marina Bay has a lot of other fields but this one stands out among them. It’s spread in 2.55 ha or 25500 m2 of land. So you need not worry about crashing your drone. As it is located in the Marina Bay area, Drone pilots can expect to see some of the best and beautiful aerial views of the region. Drone pilots can get to see renowned tourist areas like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

ACCESSIBILITY: This place is easily accessible with the help of public transport like buses and MRT. Not only this, but you also get to enjoy the Marina Bay area.

NOTE: Try to avoid flying in the Gardens area as it is private property. Because nobody likes to get involved in legal issues.

3. Old Holland Road Field

This field spreads in 11.80 ha or 118000 m2 of land. If you want to practice in the field where UOP assessments take place, this is the right choice for you. Because CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore) utilizes this field as their assessment site for anyone who aspires to attain UOP certification. Flying in this field you can experience the field and, tackle your UOP assessment easily. It’ll also improve your odds of getting certification.

ACCESSIBILITY: Similar to other fields on the list, It is easily accessible by public transports like MRT and buses.

NOTE: It’s also renowned by the name of Blackmore Drive Field in Singapore.

4. Kallang Road Field

KRF spreads in 4.82 ha or 48200 m2 of land located by the banks of the Kallang River. I love this field, want to know why? Because this place has the best spot for practicing FPV drones. Not only this, but the surroundings are also safe for drone flights as there is low or zero chance of crashing until you hit the waters. You can also enjoy the best scenic view in this field and some Hindu temples near it.

ACCESSIBILITY: If I had to rate this field on the basis of accessibility. I would rate it solid 5 stars. As it’s easily accessible by all modes of public transportations whether it is MRT or buses.

5. Marina East Drive Field

Coming back to another field in the Marine Bay area. This field spreads in 4.65 ha or 46500 m2 of land by Singapore Strait. What’s make it different from other fields in Marina Bay? It’s the memories as every drone pilot in Singapore has visited this field at least once. Popularly known for its intimidating sea breeze and serenity, It’s widely known among the professional drone pilots.

ACCESSIBILITY: You can easily reach this field by the MRT and buses.

6. Marina East Drive Field

This field spreads in 2.56 ha or 25600 m2 of land. Basically, this hidden field is situated in between the Marina Barrage field and, Marina Mall Road field. It’s also located near the Marina Cruise Centre. So crashing drone here is not an issue but flying over the MCC area can be troubling. As additional permissions are required from the respective authorities for flying in that zone.

ACCESSIBILITY: You can reach this field by both public transportation like MRT and buses.

7. Tanjung Rhu View Field

This is a very small field as compared to other fields in the list as it’s spread in 0.62 ha or 6200 m2 of land. This field is located by the banks of Kallang River and also, it is right across the Republic Avenue field. Not to forget, this field can become crowded on some days. As there’s an area right opposite this field which is used for events for the general public.

ACCESSIBILITY: Although you can reach this place by MRT or buses, my personal suggestion is that you should have private transportation to reach this place. As it becomes a lot easier with it.

8. Marina Barrage Field

You thought it’s over, Here’s another field in the Marina Bay. It’s spread in 2.56 ha or 25600 m2 of the land. Expect it to be crowded on weekends or weekdays because of its popularity among the drone pilots.

ACCESSIBILITY: This field is easily accessible by both public transportation like buses and MRT.

NOTE: As barrage building is located near it. Always remember not to fly over it.

9. East Coast Park

You thought only a few fields can make it to the list. Here comes East Coast Park, It’s a beach and park comprising of Marine Parade, Bedok and Tampines, along the southeastern coast of Singapore. It is legal to fly the drone in it. So you need not worry about breaking rules unknowingly.

ACCESSIBILITY: This place is easily accessible by every public transportation like buses, MRT, etc.

10. Tuas

Another place which is not a field but similar to ECP, a drone can be flown in this region without any problem. It is bounded by the Western Water Catchment to its north, Pioneer to its east and the Straits of Johor to its west. You can expect some of the best scenic views in this area.

ACCESSIBILITY: Similar to ECP, It is accessible by all modes of public transportation like buses, MRT, etc.

Coming to the end, I conclude an end to some of the best places to fly drones in Singapore. But wait, It’s not over yet. Here’s a table showing MRT stations near all the places mentioned above:

Biggest Old Holland Road FieldKing Albert Park Station
Republic Avenue FieldNicoll Highway Station
Marina Mall Road FieldMarina South Pier Station
Famous Marina Gardens Drive FieldMarina South Pier Station
Kallang Road FieldKallang Station
Tanjung Rhu View FieldPromenade Station
Popular Marina East Drive FieldMountbatten Station
Marina Barrage FieldMarina South Pier Station
East Coast ParkDakota MRT Station
TuasTuas Crescent MRT Station

If you’re interested in knowing how high you can fly your drone in Singapore. Check this article out. For now, See ya.

Have a nice day!

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