About Us

We’re are a group of enthusiasts whose love for drones is never ending. Having made more than hundreds for ourselves and others to participate in competitions, We’re getting better with each passing day. So we thought, Lets’s share our knowledge with other people across globe who are interested in drone making because why not?

Working with different drone companies is always fun as we get to experience different ideologies, cultures and work ethics. Every company has different point of view for their drones, Some of them are really working day and night to improve their drone game. What we do? We always try to soak in all the knowledge from every company we work with and it’s always fun to see what we lack. It has also improved our drone models and handling skills too. This has taught us so many things that we can’t put it in the words.

If you like our blog, You can appreciate it on our social media platforms mentioned here. Also, If you want to connect with us, Try contacting us through Contact Us page. We’ll definitely respond to your mails. See ya!

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